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Jh-D30 mini ITE Hearing aids rechargeable


Technology: 1. Adopt a new generation of chips to deeply restore the sound heard and make the sound more real.2. Debugging by professional audio designers, without damaging the eardrum, the original sound is presented.3. 6.6 mm moving iron speaker unit. The sound is full, and both ears feel the 360° stereo effect.4. The high-precision microphone filters noise, prevents howling, is...

Jh-D36 digital BTE hearing aids open fit


WDRC & AFC Digital Hearing Aid Button Volume Control & Volume Memory 4 Program for Different Environment Open Fit Air Conduction Invisible & Handiness Replaceable Ear Tube The JH-D36 is a battery powered digital BTE behind the ear hearing aids,  Clear voice with auto feedback canceler and noise reduction function.The surface is designed with mirror technology to interpret the new fashion appearance.4...